House rule

Dear guests!

We ask you to abide by the POLICY.

If you book with us, check in at the apartment, means, that he has read the policy and adheres to it.

Occupancy of the apartment 11.30 from 15.00 until, /after that the arrival 1.000 Possible for HUF/hour/. Departure is possible until 09.00! A different date is only possible by prior arrangement.

Only registered persons are allowed in the apartments.

Save energy, protect our environment! Heating is used with the windows closed!

Before they leave the apartment, please pay attention to the following: -Patio door, the attic window is closed!

Only operate the climate with the windows closed!

If you are not staying in the apartment, please turn off the lights, the television is switched off! Do not leave other devices switched on: (kettle, hot plate, oven). Turn off the climate!

For their safety, if they leave the apartment, please patio doors, windows, apartment front door, a small gate and a large gate are also closed!

Please empty the trash, to the selective waste bin! The plastic bottles, beer cans together, trapped in the yellow trash, the bottles are placed in a separate compartment! Household waste bin in green trash, just other, mixed waste! An extra garbage bag is found in the closet under the sink.

Please, take that into account, that one 3 they are in an apartment house, several families can live in the house at the same time. Listen to each other! With listening to loud music, with television, do not disturb others with loudness! Please, 22,00 and 08,00 pay special attention to this between hours.

The owner reserves the right, to that guest, who does not comply with the policy may be expelled from the apartment.

The apartments are smoke-free, smoking is not allowed inside! There is a designated smoking area.

Please observe the parking regulations in the yard!

Used kitchen utensils, cleanly, put them back in place dry!

To give back, take care of cleanliness. The apartments must be returned according to the condition of the handover.

Upon arrival you will have a cleaned clean, they get a fresh apartment. With clean linen, with towel. There is no cleaning during their stay, it is done after departure. Exception if 2 or they stay with us for several weeks, in this case weekly cleaning, bedding, towel change.

Careless, or in case of accidental damage, please indicate it! They are financially responsible for the furnishings of the apartments, for its assets, for fitting, which they use at their own risk. From improper use, or an accident, in the event of injury, the owner is not liable. The use of the apartment is at everyone's own risk.

If there is any problem in the apartment, something goes wrong, please indicate! If they need help, call me by phone!

On departure, please hand over the keys at a pre-arranged time!

Good rest, we wish you a pleasant stay!

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