Medicinal water

It is available at the apartment building at Kenézy utca 12/a, heatable canning.

84 contains a variety of minerals, 97% NaCl by composition, next to which 3% concentrated in other minerals and trace elements 84 types of minerals. Praid salt is free from any kind of external industrial intervention, but more importantly, that also from additives.

It has an excellent air purifying effect, thus treating respiratory problems (reduces complaints due to the emission of salt ions), and can be a perfect solution against allergies, as it ionizes, disinfect, it also binds dust, and reduces the electrosmog that is now widely present. Perfect for skin ailments: of allergic origin, eczematous, infectious (pl. of fungal origin) diseases, acne, problem skin, psoriasis, rash, also in the case of insect bites.

It has a beneficial effect on any skin type, moisturizes the skin, balancing the acid-base household, adjusts its pH, and also regulates sebum production. just parajdi (the Himalayan salt) in addition, it is also the most common component of the walls of the salt room. It also works naturally, this does not necessarily require a heat transfer process. There are no side effects, nor is there an age-restricted hoop, so anyone can use it with a calm heart and safely.

The salt bath is basically rheumatic, and locomotor system, and neurological peripheral diseases, gynecological -, and skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, inflamed, pimpled skin) recommended, in addition, that it’s also perfect for relieving stress - just imagine, just as in winter we enjoy relaxing, the benefits of healthy bathing.

Chemically defined, to be focused, salt water has a higher heat retention and heat transfer property, like fresh water, thus, it can help the blood circulation in the limbs much more effectively, and can reduce joint and muscle pain. One 30 The descaling effect of a one-minute salt bath is equivalent to a three-day fast - so we only have to consider it, which one is more pleasant.

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