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The largest spa complex in Europe in the Great Plain is located in Hajdúszoboszló, From Budapest 195 km-re, From Debrecen 21 km-re. Strand, spa, Aqua-Palace, Aquapark, Premium Zone, swimming pool, whose world-famous medicinal water is excellent for rheumatic and joint diseases, to treat inflammation, muscle- and post-treatment of bone injuries, for the treatment of skin diseases and for the complete entertainment of families throughout the year.

The city and its surroundings invite you to go on smaller and larger excursions: city ​​tour of Debrecen, steppe program in Hortobágy, trip to Eger, Tokajba, to the city of wines, cruise on the Tisza.

Our business is more than 10 has been in the hospitality business for years. We have always strived for that, to best meet the needs of our guests to the best of our ability.
Luxury guest house for rent, We have apartments and rooms for rent for you and your family. Even a passer-by, or families spending longer periods of time, couples, we offer comfortable and homely accommodation for groups of friends.

As summer approaches, we would like to draw your attention to our family-friendly rooms, which are a comfortable pastime for all children and parents. Our deluxe suite for two to three children and two adults.

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